Our law firm offers comprehensive trademark and model services, with partner Andrej Brezavšček leading the way as a highly regarded trademark and model agent. He regularly advises and represents clients before the Slovenian Intellectual Property Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office, ensuring their intellectual property rights are protected.

Trademark and model registration is a crucial aspect of safeguarding intellectual property assets. With our in-depth knowledge of the registration process, we provide expert guidance and assistance to clients, helping them navigate the complexities of intellectual property law. From initial consultations to the preparation and submission of applications, we strive to secure strong trademark and model protection for our clients.

Partner Andrej Brezavšček’s extensive experience as a trademark and model agent equips him with the expertise to handle various intellectual property matters. Whether it involves conducting comprehensive searches, analyzing potential conflicts, responding to office actions, or representing clients in opposition or cancellation proceedings, our firm is committed to safeguarding our clients’ intellectual property rights.

We understand the value of trademarks and models as valuable assets for businesses and individuals alike. By providing dedicated and personalized services, we aim to protect our clients’ intellectual property investments and support their growth and success in the marketplace.


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