The principle of the applicability of EU law establishes that in case of conflicts between a rule adopted at the EU level and a rule within the legal framework of a member state, EU law takes precedence. However, it is not uncommon for the Republic of Slovenia to encounter challenges in the accurate and timely transposition of EU law into its internal legal system.

When EU law grants companies greater rights than those provided by Slovenian regulations, it is imperative that these rights and freedoms are appropriately implemented. This can be achieved through various channels, including courts, the Constitutional Court, the European Commission, or the EU Court.

At our law firm, we place significant emphasis on enforcing the rights and freedoms guaranteed to companies under EU law. We are dedicated to assisting businesses in Slovenia by ensuring proper compliance with EU regulations and advocating for their rights. Whether it involves facilitating the correct transposition of EU law or seeking legal remedies through relevant authorities, we strive to protect and uphold the rights of our clients in accordance with the European Union’s legal framework.

By working closely with our clients, we provide comprehensive legal guidance and representation to navigate the complexities of EU law and safeguard their interests. Our expertise extends to leveraging legal mechanisms and institutions to enforce the rights and freedoms granted to businesses by the European Union.

If you require assistance in asserting your rights and freedoms under EU law, contact our law firm. Together, we will ensure that your company benefits from the full scope of rights and protections provided by the European Union.

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